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Steaming cup of chocolate


Nov 21, 2014
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Bills of Lading July 30, 2012

You see it almost everyday, you endorse it, stamp it, keep it in your files for years, you pay thousands of dollars to a bank sometimes to get a hold of this piece of paper, sometimes you take it to your lawyer. It’s arguably the most important and widely used…


Quiz on the Largest Producing Countries in the World November 30, 2012

Never before has business spanned the globe the way it does today. All countries are not equally endowed with natural resources and other facilities for production, hence countries import or export certain products as every country can’t produce the same products. The cost of labor, the availability of natural resources, and the level of know-how…

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How to Ship Reefer Cargo? November 17, 2014

As a person who has been in shipping business close to 15 years, I am amazed with the fact that how the perishable commodities are getting moved around the world and reaches us in different forms from chocolates to fruits and medicine. We had an article in the past about…

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Steaming cup of chocolate
Chocopolypse November 21, 2014

Winter is right around the corner, some say it hasn’t arrived yet, but after the polar vortex stationed over the North East this week, it’s safe to say that the cold is here to stay for the next couple of months.  For a person who grew up under the blazing…